CADEX Bayonet Flip Up Low Profile Mount

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    The Cadex Low Profile Flip Up Mount is a ruggedized aluminum NVG mount that combines lightness to low profile design with a maximum range of adjustability (a longer rail than e.g. at the Wilcox G24). The mount also does not lock mechanically when the NVD is folded down. This gives the operator the ability to flip it up the NVD very quickly in an emergency situations, using just a little more force with the operating hand.

    • Ergonomic "one touch" height adjustement allows operator to adjust height with one hand.
    • Low profile follows helmet contour when folded.
    • Six positions adjustable mounting plate fits numerous facial profiles and helmet mounting systems.
    • The Low Profile Filp Up Mount will lock in the upright and down positions.
    • If the NVG is bumped or impacted, the Low Profile Flip Up Mount will fold and lock in upright position protecting the NVG and operator.

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